Inventing Remote Control for Old Cameras

There are several methods to remotely control digital cameras, but these methods do not work with older analog cameras. The invention that is the subject of our news eliminates this situation.

User-created and uploaded DIY projects is a specialized website InstructablesThe scene was a rather interesting invention. A user named Steloherd is a Ricoh GR II designed a mechanical cable for the digital camera.

Since it does not support infrared or Bluetooth digital shutter button The Ricoh GR II, which is not available, can be remotely controlled by the invention. Positioning one end of the aluminum cable directly above the shutter release button on the camera, the user says that if the mechanism at the other end is depressed, the top end exerts pressure on the shutter button, so that pictures can be taken remotely.

  Ricoh GR II

For other users who want to implement the DIY project instruction manual Steloherd shares his interesting invention step by step. Using materials such as 1/4 ″ -20 screws, an aluminum sleeve and a steel spring plate, Steloherd used hacksaws, drills, pliers and sanding paper as tools.


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do it yourself project

Although the invention has a very simple logic from the outside, in fact many important modification The scene was. If you have any idea of ​​doing the project, instructions here you have to follow step by step. Steloherd also didn't forget to share a few tips at the bottom of the page.