Investigation into wrong federal authorities – companies contacted


The federal government has warned companies of fraudsters who claim to be representatives of an imaginary “Federal Office for Crisis Protection and Economic Assistance” or other non-existent federal authorities. As a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior announced on Saturday, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has also dealt with the website of a fictitious “Federal Ministry for the Defense Against Crime in Cyberspace” in recent days.

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“The BSI currently believes that it is possible to prepare for crimes such as fraud or phishing,” said the spokesman. The BSI has therefore already passed its findings on this to the law enforcement authorities. The websites have now been removed from the network.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of Economics said a company had brought her to the fake website. She also referred for a warning of fraudulent emails related to corona grants for companies that the Ministry of Economic Affairs published online last Wednesday.

He was contacted on July 2 by email from a representative of the supposed “Federal Office for Crisis Protection”, reported the chief executive of the energy group RWE, Rolf Martin Schmitz, who Welt am Sonntag. Later, a woman with a Dutch accent who claimed to be an employee of the imaginary authority asked him questions on the phone. For example, whether it would not make sense to rely on a shrinking economy to ensure more resilience. Or whether there should be a state participation in RWE.

After the interview, he asked the Federal Ministry of Economics, where he was assured that the Federal Office did not exist, said Schmitz. When he called the interrogator again, she said, “You know, we need to be out of coal in nine years, and we need methods like that to do that.”

Investigation into wrong federal authorities - companies contacted

Should probably create trust: Allegedly, the Federal Minister of Economics also comments on the tasks of the supposed “Federal Office”, whose website is visually based on the Internet presence of the federal authorities.


On the website of the invented “Federal Office”, which was no longer accessible on Saturday afternoon and whose appearance was strongly reminiscent of the Internet presence of the federal authorities, it said: “At present, surveys are being carried out in several German companies by employees of our Federal Office. We want to work together work with you on strategies for sustainable management of the corona crisis. ”

On the page there was also a photo of Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU). In addition, computer-generated images of alleged officials and contacts were used on both false websites.


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