IOS 13 Features Come Out: Here’s What’s New

The new operating system, which Apple users are eagerly awaiting, has seen a leak with many innovations for iOS 13.

While Apple is sometimes the focus of criticism, many people like the renewed iOS series. With new features in every version, users can experience a renewed feeling in their phones. Let us take a closer look at what is waiting for us with iOS 13 thanks to the recent leakage information.
A release of iOS 13, which will be officially introduced at the World Developers Conference in June, will be released in June. According to this leaked information, iPhones are reshaping.

Dark Mode and Multiple Tasks

Dark mode and multitasking features have already been brought to the users for a long time. Apple has not been unresponsive to this issue and has brought the demands of users to their place. This feature can be used on both iPhone and iPad. Users can turn on dark mode whenever they want from their phone’s settings menu.

The multitasking feature will be a feature for iPads. Users will be able to use multiple applications at the same time. Although there is not much detail on this subject, we can say that the feature will be a feature that will make the iPad users more satisfied.

Safari Improvements, Managing the Font and Undo Transaction Properties

As it is known, the iPhone users can use the undo feature when they shake their phones. Another way to do this with the new update was developed. This will be one of the features that will be introduced with iOS 13. Users will be able to perform undo with their fingers.
On Safari, iOS 13 will be automated with desktop or mobile sites.
Users who open their phones after the update will encounter an instruction manual on the renewed keyboard. The type of profile type used for the font will be eliminated and there will be a new font management panel that users can access under the settings menu.

Improved Mail Application

Users can categorize incoming emails as they wish. If they wish, they can access their e-mails listed as “read more” at any time. In this way, third party mail applications are not required to be planned.

Other Features

Necessary improvements have been made to integrate applications such as Keynote and Pages with third-party applications.
Selecting multiple items is simplified.
Hey, with the improvements made at Siri, the iOS 13 will come in a stronger way.
The dictation feature, which allows you to write the words vowel, now has more language support and improved understanding of words.
At this time, the interface has been completely modified, even if there is no screenshot.
As we know HUD, and the volume is reduced and raised, the tab has been changed.