iOS 14.5: Finding and Using the Most Useful Features


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iOS or iPadOS 14.5 doesn’t sound like a major update. Nevertheless, with the update, Apple brings a whole range of innovations to iPhones and iPads, which are quite tough in detail. This enables important functions to be retrofitted and the operation of the devices to be optimized. Our tips show where the innovations are hidden and what you can do with them.

With the new swiping gesture, songs land faster on the playlist.

With a swiping gesture, you can configure the track series of the music app from iOS 14.5 more quickly: swipe your finger from left to right over a music track in the album, artist or playlist view to reveal two new buttons, one blue and one an orange. Tap on the blue button (“Next track”) to put the song at the top of the waiting list, so it will be played immediately after the song that is currently playing. The orange button (“Recently played”) adds the song to the bottom of the waiting list; it is played last.

To add the next track even faster, simply swipe from left to right until the song is automatically added as the next track – handy. You don’t have to tap the blue button for this.

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