iOS 14.6: More and more reports of battery problems


iOS 14.6 seems to affect the battery life with a larger number of iPhones. A good week after the operating system update was published, the number of user complaints about battery problems is steadily increasing: In forums and social networks, complaints have been made about a significantly shorter battery life compared to iOS 14.5. The reduced mileage can be observed in various iPhone model series up to the iPhone 12.

This is often accompanied by a noticeable warming of the smartphone, such as those affected by the problem, among other things in Apples Support-Forum berichten – a sign that one or more processes are using the chip heavily and thus reducing the battery life at the same time. There are numerous speculations about the cause, including new accessories such as Apple’s AirTags and the “Where is?” Network – but so far there are no concrete indications of this.

A clear common trigger has so far not emerged – apart from the installation of iOS 14.6. With several users, however, the battery settings show abnormalities with Apple Music and especially Apple Podcasts: Both apps then have a very high battery usage, even if they were hardly used or not used at all during the period under review.

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More from Mac & i

Simple troubleshooting such as restarting and forcing the two apps to close via the app switcher only seems to help to a limited extent, but individual users report that deleting (or swapping out) and then reinstalling the Podcasts app eliminated the problem. Since iOS 14.5, Apple has had considerable problems with its podcasts app and the backend behind it, and has therefore recently had to postpone the introduction of paid podcast subscriptions.

How widespread the battery problems are remains unclear. On an iPhone 12 from the Mac & i editorial team, there have been no impairments with iOS 14.6 so far. Apple is currently testing iOS 14.7, but it should take several weeks until it is released.


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