iOS 14 Installed iPhone Ratio Announced


The usage rates of Apple’s operating systems iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, which were released in 2020, were announced. According to the graph, 90 percent of iPhone models released in the last 4 years are running on iOS 14. For devices using iPadOS 14, this rate is 91 percent.

Technology giant Apple will hold the 2021 leg of the WWDC event, which we are eagerly awaiting tomorrow. While we expect to see a couple of devices introduced at this event, of course, the company new versions It will show as it does every year.

While we continue to wait for the details of the new operating systems, Apple recently released iOS 14 and iPadOS 14. usage rates explained. Thanks to the wide device support of the operating systems, the usage rate of iOS 14 reached a record level before the release of iOS 15.

85% of all iPhone models on the market use iOS 14

iOS 14 usage rates

iPhone devices manufactured in the last four years 90 percentwhen using iOS 8 percentiOS 13 and kalan 2 percent using earlier iOS versions.

When we look at all the devices on the market, we see that the models currently on the market are 85 percenti is using iOS 14. The part using iOS 13 is still 8 percent The proportion of devices using previous iOS versions 7 percent.

iPadOS 14 usage rates

When we come to iPadOS, the success of iPadOS 14, iOS 14 accompanied by We see. According to the chart, iPad devices manufactured in the last four years 91 percentWhen using iPadOS 14 8 percenti is using iPadOS 13. Proportion of devices using previous iPadOS versions only one percent.

When we look at all the devices on the market, including the last four years, we can see that the devices using iPadOS 14 79 percentWe see that it covers an area of ​​. Proportion of devices using iPadOS 13 9 percent Proportion of devices using previous generation iPadOS versions 12 percent.


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