iPad Air 2022 allegedly with OLED display


Apple is reportedly planning to switch from LCDs to OLED screens for iPads: According to a report, the first iPad with an organic display is scheduled for 2022. The OLED panel with a diagonal of 10.86 inches is expected to be manufactured by Samsung Display for Apple, such as The Elec reported. It is apparently intended for a next generation of the iPad Air, which is now based on this display size.

Apple will still rely on LTPS technology for the first OLED iPad, as is currently the case with iPhones, it says in the report of The Elec. Only the following OLED versions of the iPad Pro 11 “and 12.9” in 2023 would use the more economical LTPO technology with a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz – this technology is said to be coming to the iPhone 13 this fall.

In the iPad Pro, Apple already offers its technology called ProMotion, which variably adjusts the refresh rate of the LCD. It can be increased dynamically to up to 120 Hertz, but with static content it can also be reduced to 24 Hertz in order to save electricity. After the introduction, individual users reported nausea, Apple offers the option of limiting the refresh rate to a maximum of 60 Hertz.

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Apple has just made a far-reaching change in iPad screen technology, but so far only in the top model in the form of the iPad Pro with 12.9 “display. A backlight made up of over 10,000 mini-LEDs enables a division into 2596 individual zones Control it and let it be dimmed – and thus ensure a higher-contrast display. In the test of the 12.9 “iPad Pro 2021 in the laboratory, we measured a brightness of 1407 cd / m2 with an overexposed HDR photo.

Whether Apple will bring the technology into the 11 “iPad Pro before another switch, then to OLED, remains to be seen for the time being. According to a recent report, the manufacturer is also considering even larger iPads, which can hold up to 16 in laptop style “Screens could be enough – but a possible introduction is still in the distant future.


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