iPhone 12: Apple apparently makes unauthorized repairs more difficult


Apple seems to be putting another stop to unapproved iPhone repairs: According to an internal document, all models of the new iPhone 12 – from mini to Pro to Pro Max – require a “system configuration” for the first time after replacing the screen or replacing the camera system “to perform. A special app from the manufacturer is required for this, to which only authorized technicians have access, as the repair service provider iFixit reports.

Such a system configuration is a prerequisite for replacing the battery on iPhones built from 2018 onwards. If the battery of a third-party manufacturer is used in these models by an independent workshop, the operating system displays a warning for several days that it “cannot be verified that this iPhone has an original battery from Apple,” it says. Information about the battery condition is also not available.

Apple emphasizes that this will not affect the use of the iPhone. The measure is intended to protect the iPhone customer, who is warned of a damaged or “poor quality” battery.

The specific side effects of the unauthorized replacement of the display and camera on the iPhone 12 without subsequent system configuration remains open for the time being. According to tests by iFixit at least the original screens of two iPhone 12 models could be exchanged without major side effects. The repair service provider only sometimes received the erroneous warning that the display was “possibly not real”. By switching from LCD to OLED, the approved screen replacement for the iPhone 12 has become significantly more expensive.

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More from Mac & i

With the iPhone 12 Pro it was also possible to insert the camera module of one device into another device, according to iFixit. With the iPhone 12 (without Pro), however, there were considerable problems after the exchange, which made normal use of the camera practically impossible.

Apple has only recently started making original iPhone parts and specialty tools available to independent repairers if they join Apple’s “Independent Repair Provider Program” and comply with regulations. That should preserve the “safety and quality”, so the group. Previously, it was impossible for independent repair shops to obtain original Apple parts.


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