iPhone 12 mini Sales Disappointed Apple


It seems that Apple’s release of an “iPhone 12 mini” with a small screen, as the smartphone display is getting bigger day by day, has not had the expected effect. According to the information shared, consumers show almost no interest in the iPhone 12 mini.

Launched for iPhone 12 models last October Apple, blazed a trail and for the first time introduced 4 new iPhone models at the same time: iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro ve iPhone 12 Pro Max. Although Apple’s offering of more options for consumers was initially welcomed, sales reports show that the reality is different.

The fact that the screen / body ratio of smartphones has exceeded 90 percent and that smartphones have become personal computers that we carry with us at all times, has created a demand for large screen smartphones. According to Counterpoint Research data, one out of every two smartphones sold in 2018 had a 6-inch or larger screen; In 2020, this rate has increased to 90 percent.

iPhone 12 mini sales accounted for just 5 percent of all iPhone 12 sales

small screen phone

As such, the 5.4-inch iPhone 12 mini, Apple’s most “mini” iPhone 12 model, was a complete disappointment for the Cupertino company. Again, according to the data of Counterpoint Research, iPhone 12 mini sales in the first two weeks of last January, only 5 percent of all iPhone 12 sales was forming. The reason is simple; people want bigger screens now.

Nowadays, we communicate, socialize, take photos, shop, follow the agenda, play games, watch TV series / movies and even run our business thanks to smart phones. So, which of you have ever said while watching a video on YouTube or browsing a product on an e-commerce site, I wish I had a smaller screen phone? Almost none of us Since we don’t want a smartphone with a small screen Sales of the iPhone 12 mini are unexpectedly low.


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Still, it’s important to remember that there is a mass of people who are uncomfortable with the constant growth of smartphones and want a small but powerful smartphone. At this point, Apple has two options. Either the low sales rates will be ignored and a “mini” model will be included in the iPhone 13 family, or the iPhone 12 mini will be the only “mini” model in the iPhone series. will not be produced again. We’ll likely see which option Apple will choose in September.

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