iPhone 12’s Drop Test Results Announced


Apple was saying that iPhone 12s are more resistant to drops with their flat edges and flat screens. The results of the drop tests justify the firm.

Apple’s iPhone 12 series The design used for the firm’s in 2010 It looked quite similar to the iPhone 4s he had released. The screen of the phone, whose edges were as straight and uncurved as possible, was designed almost straight. In the statements from the company, it was claimed that the phone became more durable.

Incoming drop test results Cupertino confirms the company’s claims happened. In fact, the phone has proven to be more durable than other Android smartphones in the same segment.

IPhone 12 with metal casing is even more robust

iPhone 12 pro

Previous generation iPhone phones Frankly, it was not very fragile. Those phones were also successfully separated from the drop tests. Apple In the new phone, in addition to the metal case, he also made changes in the screen glass. The company that embeds ceramic crystals in the glass above the screen, Ceramic Shield he named it.

Literally Ceramic Shield Although this feature does not make much sense when reading the phone’s manual, it manages to find a response in practice. Apple’s new smartphone has this feature in drop tests. exactly what effect is showing.


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YouTuber EverythingAppleProiPhone 12 and iPhone 12 ProHe put the “in some drop tests. It was once again striking that the two phones look almost the same. Pro version only more heavy it has a chassis and therefore a slightly heavier phone.

iPhone 12 doesn’t mind drops

iPhone 12 pro


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Although both phones experienced drops from various heights, they did not had no problem. There were no cracks in the screens of the phones, and no damage was found on the back panels. Without ceramic shield in theory back your panel more to be weak was expected.

When we look at the drop tests, the screen is indeed ceramic shield It is possible to say that it has become more durable thanks to it. Still, it is stated on social media that the new phone is more prone to scratches. Fall test You can watch it in the video below.

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