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Apple has introduced four new iPhones, the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 mini. Sebastian Trepesch from the Mac & i editorial team has already done initial tests and was impressed by the new cameras. The focus effects for videos, in particular, can be impressive, but they aren’t always.

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For c’t, Holger Bleich analyzed hosters for cloud servers that are suitable, for example, for developer test environments or software for small companies and clubs. Cost traps are often in the details – for example when you have to book a backup or an IPv4 address.

Finally, Peter Nonhoff-Arps from the c’t photography editorial team gives tips for digital slide shows. Under the heading Audiovision you will find software that uses photos to create stylish video presentations with transition effects and to add background music to them. For the perfect photo presentation, however, the photographer is primarily required: Even before taking a photo, you should think carefully about which story you actually want to tell.

Also present: Achim Barczok, Holger Bleich, Sebastian Trepesch, Peter Nonhoff-Arps

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