IPhone and iPad Applications Won’t Be Installed on M1 Mac Devices

Up to now, it was possible to run iPad and iPhone applications on Mac devices that came with the M1 chip that Apple announced at the end of last year. However, Apple prevented this process called “side loading”.

On Mac devices powered by the M1 chip introduced by Apple at the end of last year iPhone and iPad apps “side load” Running with It was stated that it would prevent. The company took the first official step in this regard.

The company changed the server side to implement its new decision. In other words, iPhone and iPad applications that are not supported with this change, Cannot run on Mac devices with M1 chip.

iPhone applications will not be able to run on M1 Mac devices

m1 mac side loading, running iphone and ipad app on m1 mac device

The new chip introduced by Apple allowed iOS and iPadOS applications to run on Mac devices. However, the developers of the application could make changes in this regard. Of course users, this event will circle around He also found a method.

IOS applications such as Netflix, Instagram, Facebook could also be installed manually on M1 Mac devices. Users could do this by downloading individual IPA files with a valid Apple ID. In order to perform this process, iMazing A tool called.

With the changes made, if the desired iPhone and iPad application download Mac App StoreIf you do not have it, side loading cannot be performed. These changes are valid in the developer and open beta macOS Big Sur 11.2 with macOS Big Sur 11.1 with M1 chip.


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macOS Big Sur 11.2 When iPhone or iPad app tries to install in beta “This application cannot be installed because it was not developed to run on this platform” in macOS Big Sur 11.1 while receiving a warning “Try again later” warning appears. IPhone and iPad applications installed on the M1 Mac so far will not be affected and previously downloaded IPA files can be uploaded.

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