iPhone: Facebook must remove games from Facebook Gaming


There has been an app on Android specifically for Facebook gaming for months. Now Facebook has published the application for mobile devices with iOS – but without games. Instead, only the streams and videos transmitted via the social network can be viewed.

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The elimination of the games is not a big loss, because Facebook only offers its instant games, i.e. very simple sports and arcade titles. But anyone who had hoped to be able to deal with it on the iPhone in between will still be disappointed.

in the Conversation with The Verge explained Facebook manager Sheryl Sandberg: “Unfortunately, we had to completely remove the gameplay features in order to get Apple approval for the standalone Facebook gaming app. This means iOS users will have a worse experience than Android users.”

In the past few days, Apple had already quarreled with Microsoft over the planned release of an app for the Xbox Game Pass including support for Project Xcloud for iOS.

This means that users on the iPhone and iPad could even have used high-quality console and PC titles via game streaming. After lengthy negotiations with Apple, Microsoft decided not to publish the offer for iOS for the time being. Google also only offers the option to manage the settings of the cloud gaming service in its app for Stadia – unlike on Android, gaming is not possible.

Apple is concerned that the owners of devices with iOS can only access game content via the App Store – only then does the company earn money. For years there have been repeated attempts by mostly smaller companies to circumvent the App Store with their own marketplaces. Every now and then Apple even overlooked this, but later removed the applications.

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