iPhones without a power supply: Brazilian consumer advocates are threatening new punishment


The lack of the power supply included with the iPhone 13 is a new problem for Apple in Brazil. Consumer advocates warn that customers expect an included power supply unit when buying a smartphone Рif it is missing, it is practically a sham package, the head of the authority responsible for the state of Ṣo Paulo, Procon-SP, emphasized in an interview. This is a hidden price increase because the customer is not properly informed about it through the packaging.

Apple’s note on the iPhone scope of delivery on its own website is probably not enough, so compared to Procon-SP Tech all. Apple will be informed about this this week and the product labeling will be checked. If the information is deemed inadequate, they want to impose another penalty on the manufacturer.

Procon-SP already took action against Apple last year: With the introduction of the iPhone 12, the company removed the power supply units from the scope of delivery of all newly sold iPhones and referred to the achievement of its environmental goals as a reason. Apple has not been able to prove the alleged environmental benefit – a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and a reduction in the use of valuable materials, the consumer advocates said last year. Apple was finally given a record fine of 1.6 million euros in the spring.

The consumer advocates also want to take action against Samsung: Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 also do not come with a power supply – as was previously the case with the Galaxy S21 series. The South Korean company has so far only escaped a fine because it had committed itself to enclose a free power supply unit with the S21 in Brazil, according to Procon-SP. How Apple reacts remains unclear. In France, for example, the company continues to enclose the headphones, which are otherwise also canceled, with the iPhone in order to meet all requirements.

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