Iranian Painter Drawing Using His Feet

Iranian painter Fatemeh Hammami, who draws pictures that many people cannot imagine despite being 85% disabled, has gained worldwide fame with his art. Painting people, animals and nature, the woman uses her feet, not her hands, in her portraits.

From time to time, we share with you the content of people with interesting stories. success stories we are telling. In this content, we will talk about the life of such a woman. Our guest this time is an Iranian painter. Fatemeh Hammami. What makes this painter special is that he uses his feet, not his hands, to draw.

Fatemeh Hammami, at 85 percent a person with a physical disability. His love of art is above everything else. For a long time animals, nature and depicting people Hammami is a painter with admirers not only in Iran but also in many countries.

Hammami also draws pictures of world famous names

Fatemeh Hammami

An Iranian woman draws an object she sees or imagines using her feet. When we look at Hammami’s Instagram account with 135 thousand followers, Charlie Chaplin, Cristiano RonaldoWe see that he draws pictures of world famous names such as , Messi and Selena Gomez. Portraits that most people can’t even draw with their hands are for this woman. child toy.


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The paintings drawn by Hammami attract great attention not only in Iran but also in many parts of the world. at various events and in painting halls The woman, who is very pleased with the portraits she draws, states that she clings to life with the art she performs. If you would like to take a look at Hammami’s drawings, here You can reach the Iranian artist’s Instagram account using the link.