ISS: Universal wants to shoot in space with Tom Cruise


There is no script yet, but there is one studio: The film company Universal Pictures has agreed to produce a film that will at least partially be shot on the International Space Station (ISS), in which Tom Cruise will play the leading role becomes. There is no script yet.

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The decision was made in a video conference, reports the US online magazine Deadline Hollywood, which specializes in the film industry. Cruise, the directors Doug Liman and Christopher McQuarrie and the producer PJ van Sandwijk presented the project to the managers of Universal so convincingly that they agreed and approved a budget. This is said to be around $ 200 million.

The project became known in May, also through a report by Deadline Hollywood. Shortly thereafter, Jim Bridenstine, director of the National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA), confirmed the plan. The US space agency wants to use it to advertise its space plans and motivate young people to work on it.

Doug Liman is to direct

Liman should direct it. He also works on the screenplay for the film. Liman directed, among other things, the first film from the Jason Bourne series and the political thriller fair game over the exposure of former CIA agent Valerie Plame. He worked with Cruise the science fiction film Edge of Tomorrow together.

The director and screenwriter McQuarrie will be there as a consultant and producer. He has directed a number of Cruise films, including the last two films the Mission Impossible series. He will also direct the next two. McQuarrie wrote, among other things, the screenplay for Edge of Tomorrow.

Elon Musk, head of the US space company SpaceX, is said to have agreed to support the film project. In May, he released an affirmative tweet about Bridenstine’s announcement. So far, there has been no confirmation of this or of Universal’s participation.

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