Istanbul University Examined Mucilage: Here are the Results

Scientists from Istanbul University conducted studies on mucilage or sea saliva they collected from the Marmara Sea. While the investigations showed that this state of the sea was caused by single-celled creatures, it was revealed that it was humans that caused the unicellular organisms to cause this event.

Scientists who continue their studies within the Department of Biology of the Faculty of Science at Istanbul University, which is presented as the death of the Marmara Sea, mucilage conducted an extensive study of the problem. Scientists collecting mucilage samples from different parts of the sea, with their research what is causing the mucilage they detected. The explanations of scientists on the subject are unfortunately not the kind you want to hear.

prof. Dr. According to the statements made by Neslihan Özdelice, the main reason for the saliva that killed the Marmara Sea is, single celled organisms. The substances that prepare the conditions suitable for the reproduction of these creatures are phosphorus and nitrogen. That is, in the Sea of ​​Marmara. phosphorus and nitrogen The increase in the amount of water, which enabled the reproduction of single-celled organisms, led to the Marmara Sea becoming what it is today.

“Domestic waste and improper hunting also increased mucilage”


Özdelice, the head of the research team, said that people have been living for two years. you’re stuck at home He said that habits have changed in this process. In this context, the professor mentioned that even the increased use of detergents due to the coronavirus affects single-celled organisms. household waste with wrong hunting explained that its effects directly affect the mucilage. To summarize, the transformation of the Sea of ​​Marmara into its present state was brought about by man himself.


Scientists Have Produced a Solution to Eliminate the Problem of Mucilage in the Sea of ​​Marmara

Research has also led to the discovery of a new living species. Reminding that a similar situation was experienced between 2007-2008, although not as much, Prof. Dr. Neslihan Özdelice, who caused mucilage in those years raid explained that they found that the living species were still at the same dominance. In addition to these, the scientist, who said that a new living species has been discovered, said that studies on this species will also be carried out. going on announced.

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