İstanbul Yağmuru – Sharing on Social Media


Istanbul has seen a heavy downpour of precipitation that it has not seen for a long time tonight. The rain, which increased its effect with lightning and lightning, brought Istanbulites who are obliged to stay in their homes to their balconies. We offer you the sharing of people who catch lightning and showers.

The other day the warning was passed by the Meteorological Regional Directorate heavy raintonight provided interesting images in Istanbul and the surrounding provinces. Out of the heavy rain of lightning and lightning There was no serious damage in the night, which was also observed, with the effect of the curfew. Istanbul residents who watch the rain and thunder from their homes shared these moments on social media.

Rain, which occasionally bursted the manhole covers and caused flooding, was positively welcomed for many people. Almost night turning into day and the lightning bolts presented a visual feast to Istanbulites. Of course, as in all natural disasters, our greatest wish is that all our citizens have survived this rain without any harm. It is a pleasing development that no explanation about any loss of life has been made so far.

We present you some images of Istanbul rain and thunder shared on social media accounts.

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