It has been decided that foreclosed cryptocurrencies can be sold


A cryptocurrency wallet was seized and blocked for the first time in Turkey recently. This time, it was decided that the foreclosed cryptocurrencies could be sold to pay the creditor. The court that gave the decision cited that crypto currencies should not be much different from digital currency.

Cryptocurrencies in Turkey part of the economy, not an investment game There has been a new event that will make it known as. A court for the first time in Turkey, that the sale of foreclosed cryptocurrencies can be made he decided.

The court that gave the decision cryptocurrencies are a form of digital currency or virtual money justified. This decision has strengthened the place of the crypto money market in Turkey with the decision that enables crypto coins to be foreclosed.

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Recently For the first time in our country, a cryptocurrency wallet was seized. After the money in the wallet was seized, the account was blocked. The Enforcement Court, on the other hand, has recently signed a new first and decided that foreclosed cryptocurrencies can be sold. However, the main rules on how to proceed in this process have not been regulated yet.

A creditor in Istanbul had gone to the enforcement office to get money from the person who owed him a debt and requested the attachment of the cryptocurrency wallet of the debtor. The request is accepted and Wallet of approximately 60 thousand liras was confiscated. Objecting to this decision, the debtor argued that the confiscated money could not be sold.


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In his statements regarding the objection, the debtor’s lawyer said:We appealed to the Enforcement Court based on the sales request. We made this objection to both the regulation issued by the Central Bank and the fact that these assets are defined as intangible assets and that their legal qualification is not clear, so that they cannot be sold and that they are kept waiting until a regulation to be issued by the state, even if it is deemed that the sale can be made.”Used expressions. However, the court is based on the economic value of cryptocurrencies. denied the appeal. As a result, there has been a great development that defines the place of these coins in our country.

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