It Takes Two Becomes Best Selling Game of the Week on Steam


It Takes Two, released by Electronic Arts in recent weeks, became the best selling game on Steam last week. The game, which can be played by two people by purchasing a single copy, has become a favorite of many players.

Electronic Arts, one of the well-established names of the video game industry, about a month ago “It Takes TwoDeveloped by Hazelight, the game appeared as an interesting production that you can play with a friend. by making only one copy They could play as two people, so they could spend time in a fun story. This is the game, nowadays SteamIt is one of the most favorite productions in.

Known as a platform that keeps statistics on Steam SteamDBIt Takes Two has been growing steadily since its release. This growth even in last week’s statistics, It Takes Two Steam’s best selling game made it. The game was in second place the previous week.

What is it about It Takes Two, which can be purchased for 280 TL?

It Takes Two

Steam’de 279,99 TL It Takes Two tells the story of Cody and May, two friends who are magically turned into dolls. Throwing these two characters into a fantastic world, the developers provide players with a unique experience with countless main and side missions. The game can be played with two people after purchasing a copy, and in terms of system requirements middling needs a computer.


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Meanwhile, it is necessary to clarify how It Takes Two could be played by two people with one copy. Electronic Arts for gamers “Friend’s PassFriend’s Pass allows you to invite a friend to this game after purchasing It Takes Two. by your invitation gets involved in the game.