It turned out that the man who was operated on for a hernia had a uterus


A 67-year-old man who was operated on for an inguinal hernia was found to actually have a female reproductive system. This condition, which is detected in only 200 people in the world, is called permanent mullerian duct syndrome (PMDS).

Something mind-blowing happened in Kosovo. A 67-year-old man, who had been bothered by swelling in his genitals for some time and admitted to the hospital, was actually a learned that she has a womb. Doctors examining unidentified man, his penis and scrotum near his scrotum have a female reproductive system they said.

The strange thing that happened is that the man’s health has been so far. did not affect. In fact, the man who had the female reproductive system along with the penis had 3 children. Experts say that this situation is very rare, “persistent mullerian duct syndromeThey explained that it was named ” (PMDS).

Not the first in the world


This condition, called permanent mullerian duct syndrome, is not a first in the world. According to experts in the world around 200 people suffered from this ailment. As a result, the incident in Kosovo attracted the attention of the medical world. Scientists working at the University of Pristina reported this case for the journal Urology Case Reports. they made an article.


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People with PMDS report that they have such a condition. they don’t matter. Initial symptoms suggest that the individual has an inguinal hernia. Moreover, in the first examinations, it cannot be understood that the individual has a uterus. The patient, who was taken to surgery for an inguinal hernia, learns that he has a uterus as a result of the intervention. This was also the case in the surgery performed on the 67-year-old man. Man hospitalized for hernia had his womb removed.

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