It turns out that giraffes have an active social life

University of Bristol researchers shed light on the social life of giraffes by examining 404 articles. Until today, giraffes, known as cold individuals of wildlife who know nothing but to feed, have been misunderstood.

Giraffes, who can be considered the princes and princesses of the savannah with their long necks and graceful structures, are described in a book published in 1991.socially cold and that they do not form long-term bonds with their brethren”, generally focused on nutrition. Since then, giraffes have been known to everyone as ‘overlook’ creatures.

A study published Aug. 2 in Mammal Review revealed that the opposite is actually the case. Experts from the University of Bristol analyzed 404 previously published articles on giraffes, and the findings revealed that giraffes a matriarchal society in themselves showed that it was created.

Female giraffes feel sad even if the dead baby is not hers


The data obtained from the researches are related to female giraffes with their fellows and their own offspring. long term relationshipsrevealed that he occasionally forms close bonds with other pups. It was also concluded that female giraffes were upset when a cub died in the group, even if it was not their own.

According to the grandmother hypothesis, humans continue to live for a while after they lose their ability to reproduce, and this includes species such as killer whales and elephants. The new findings indicate that the hypothesis may also be valid in giraffes; thus The ‘post-reproductive’ period accounts for 30 percent of female giraffes’ lives. reached. This rate was recorded as 23 percent in elephants and 35 percent in killer whales.


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Zoe Muller, one of the authors of the team that compiled the study, said she was surprised that it took until 2021 that the acceptance that giraffes have complex social systems, said:Giraffe ‘grandmothers’ I think it plays an important role in the survival of the group members. These groups are likely to be repository of information. However, they also play an important role in the care of the offspring and the rearing of the young..”

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