It turns out that the age of using a smartphone has decreased to 3

A study was conducted to examine the level of smartphone usage age in Germany. The research revealed a striking fact. If it goes on like this, soon even newborn children will start using phones…

YouGov, a UK-based public opinion research company, reported that children under 18 years old in Germany. 1007 parents attended did a research. As a result of the research carried out to understand the level of smartphone use, it turned out that even 3-year-old babies started to use smartphones. So much so that 4 percent of the parents participating in the study, For children aged 3-5 they were willing to use smart phones. Moreover, among these parents, there are those who buy phones for their children.

This is not the only noteworthy aspect of the study. According to 50 percent of the respondents Children aged 6-11 years There is no problem in using a smart phone. According to 36 percent, the ideal age for a child to use a smartphone is, 12-14 range.

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Phone usage age dropped to 3

Research by YouGov also revealed a positive result regarding parents. So much so that parents who have children in the 0-14 age group more than 80 percentknows exactly what your child is doing on the smartphone. As the age group increases, this situation becomes somewhat it is changing.

According to the research, parents who have children between the ages of 15-17 only 62 percentseldom knows what their child is doing on the smartphone. The proportion of participants who say that they can interfere with their child, albeit rarely, is down to 59 percent… Research shows that parents are more involved than ever before, but this is not being done.

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