It Was Obvious How Much Apple Produced the iPhone 13 Pro


TechInsights researched how much an iPhone 13 Pro with 256GB storage was produced for. According to the research, Apple produces this smartphone for at least 570 dollars. However, this price does not include advertising, shipping and R&D expenses.

US-based technology giant Apple announced last month iPhone 13 modelsstarted to meet with consumers as of the beginning of October. While the company revealed that the performance of the iPhone 13 was significantly increased in its statements during the launch, it followed the path of the iPhone 12 family announced in 2020 in terms of price. So contrary to expectations no price increase.

As consumers continue to discover the iPhone 13 family TechInsightsconducted an important study. Within the scope of this study, the researchers, who discussed an iPhone 13 Pro with 256 GB of storage, stated that this smartphone How much does it cost Apple they revealed.

An iPhone 13 Pro is produced for $570

iPhone 13 Pro

According to research, an iPhone 13 Pro with 256 GB of storage will cost approximately $ 570 being produced. This price only covers the assembly and boxing of the hardware of the phone. Unfortunately, the patent and R&D expenses for the iPhone 13 Pro, as well as the logistics and advertising costs, are not exactly the same. unknown. So how much does Apple earn from an iPhone 13 Pro in this case?


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Apple has released the 256GB storage version of the iPhone 13 Pro in the US. sells for $1,099. Accordingly, even though Apple’s profit seems to be 100 percent, let’s point out that the advertising, transportation and R&D expenses we just mentioned will significantly reduce this rate. When the same device comes to Turkey 16.999 TL can be purchased in return. While we’re here, if you’re wondering how much is the tax on a single iPhone in our country? here, just to see how iPhone 13 prices will change once we remove the excise tax here, also to have information about how many days it takes to buy an iPhone 13 here You can browse our content.

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