Italy Temporarily Ban TikTok


Italy temporarily banned the social media app when a 10-year-old girl died while trying to participate in a challenge at TikTok. Although TikTok announced that they could not find any content to encourage the girl on the platform, he stated that they helped the authorities.

One of today’s most popular social media applications TikTokis on the agenda with video topics that have become trending in practice from time to time. Today, the practice is what caused a child to die.fainting challenge“He faced a serious move due to his videos.

A 10-year-old girl living in Italy wanted to participate in the fainting challenge at TikTok. But the girl, for the sake of making this video with a belt He tried to faint and was hospitalized. Last Thursday, your child was in the hospital due to brain death It was announced that he lost his life. After this incident, Italy took TikTok temporarily banned.

TikTok explained that they did not find any content on the platform that would encourage the girl:


According to The Guardian’s report, Italy has launched an investigation into the issue and has not been able to access TikTok for users whose “age cannot be proven with certainty” Until February 15 prevented. According to the report, TikTok will be able to encourage girl to join the challenge on the platform did not find any contentbut the authorities did not investigate the case. that they helped stated.

An official speaking on behalf of TikTok, “The security of the TikTok community is our absolute priority. For this reason, we do not allow any content that encourages, promotes or glorifies potentially dangerous behavior.The event is not just TikTok; about social media and children it also started the discussions again.


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The challenge videos mentioned on TikTok are for users to faint reduce the oxygen going to their brains contained. The family of the girl who passed away stated in a statement that they knew nothing about this challenge and that their daughter used TikTok only to look at the videos and dance.

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