Japan Declares State of Emergency Two Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics


The Japanese government announced that a critical decision was taken before the Tokyo Olympics, which will be held two weeks later. In the statements made by the government, it was stated that a state of emergency was declared in Tokyo. The reason for this declaration of state of emergency is the number of coronavirus cases that could not be reduced…

The coronavirus pandemic that broke out last year led to the cancellation of international events followed by millions of people. One of them is Tokyo Olympicswas The latest news from Japan is that the organization, which was completely canceled last year, will continue this year OHAL It shows that it will be done in the shadow.

Japan’s government only participates in the Olympic games with two weeks left announced an important decision. According to the statements made by the government, in Tokyo, the capital of the country, until 22 August A state of emergency will be enforced. This reveals that the Olympic events, which will start on July 23 and end on August 8, will be held under the rules of the State of Emergency.

The reason for the state of emergency, the number of cases that could not be reduced

Tokyo Olympics

Japan, the daily coronavirus for a while trying to reduce the number of cases. However, this was not possible. In addition, new variants of the coronavirus named delta and delta plus have been detected in cases across the country. to an increasing trend led to The government now had to take a state of emergency as a natural consequence of these events.


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In fact, the Japanese government has been discussing this decision for a while. In the recent statements on the subject, if the cases do not decrease before the Tokyo Olympics, the health system of Japan can be pushed to the limits had been expressed. With the state of emergency decision, the authorities stated that the Olympic Games activities are much more that it is possible they state.

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