Japan Successfully Launches Advanced Relay Satellite

Japan Space Agency JAXA launched an advanced relay satellite backed by laser technology into orbit. According to the institution, data flow will become faster thanks to laser systems.

On November 29, In japan A satellite carrying laser relay technology was launched into space. This satellite was designed and manufactured to rapidly transmit data from both military and civilian observation devices.

South of japan Tanegashima Space CenterLaunched by an H-IIA rocket from the satellite, it has reached its place in orbit towards the year. Thanks to this satellite fast and fluid a communication is aimed.

Announced on Twitter

jaxa satellite

Producing rockets and launchers Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), Announced that the launch was successful by sharing it on Twitter. According to the statement made by the company, from the satellite rocket left successfully and placed in orbit.

This new satellite is in orbit For 10 years will continue his mission. In the statement made by MHI, it was stated that the flight of the rocket took place as previously planned. There was no setback in the mission.


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Although normally such departures are broadcast live JAXA He did not choose this method. According to some experts, the reason for this decision of the institution may be due to the extreme precision of laser technology. Apart from that, the satellite orbit or there was no explanation about the direction of the launch.

Communication time with the laser

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Sent into orbit with the last launch and LUCAS called the laser-based communication system, will be used to send and receive laser data to satellites located in low orbits. LUCAS in orbit approximately At 36 thousand kilometers and it will move in the equatorial strip.

According to JAXA, from the normally used radio communication thanks to the new satellite 7 times faster data exchange will be possible. In this way, satellites will be able to work much more efficiently. JAXA satellites monitor the area, global warming and To determine the damage after natural disasters Used for such purposes. The new satellite will also help to use these features more easily.