Java framework Quarkus 2.1: Experimental Dev Services for Keycloak


Version 2.1 was released one month after Quarkus 2.0. The new features concern identity management and the connection to Microsoft SQL Server and Kotlin.

Quarkus has set itself the goal of simplifying the development process and introduced Dev Services with version 1.13, which provide preconfigured development containers in development mode. In version 2.1, the Quarkus team expanded this service to OpenID Connect: Dev Services for the OpenID Connect Keycloak provider are available as an experimental feature.

By default, the new Dev Services are available when the quarkus-oidc-Extension activated and provide a Keycloak container. Keycloak is open source software developed by Red Hat that is used for identity and access management.

The Kotlin extension and the Kotlin tooling have made the jump to Kotlin 1.5.21 in Quarkus 2.1, the integration with the JVM programming language however, according to the documentation, it remains in preview mode. In addition, the connection to Windows SQL Server in Quarkus 2.1 receives the reactive driver extension quarkus-reactive-mssql-client.

The Quarkus team provides a migration guideto make it easier to switch from version 2.0 to version 2.1. It is pointed out, for example, that the @WithName-Annotation for @ConfigMapping now uses the existing name instead of a transformed version. For example, as of Quarkus 2.1, the exact name is here theHost that was previously in the-host would have changed:


interface Server {​


 String server();​


The highlights in Quarkus 2.1 shows a blog post, the complete changelog can be found on GitHub.


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