Job Posting Showing Apple’s Closeness to Cryptocurrency Industry

A job posting on the leadership of alternative payment partnership units has been posted by Apple’s WPC team. The job advertisement opened by Apple, which is looking for an experienced business development specialist, shows that the company looks positively on the crypto money industry.

While many companies were investing in the crypto money industry, it was rumored whether Apple would invest in this area. A job posting posted on Apple’s own site shows us that the company looks positively on alternative payment methods.

According to the information on the site, we can qualify as Apple’s shopping department. WPC (wallet, payment, trade) team, an experienced business development manager calling. The manager, who will work in the alternative payment partnerships unit, is Apple’s In california centers will be recruited.

What are the required qualifications?

Apple job posting qualifications

In the job advertisement it has published, Apple, at least 10 years Besides professional experience, en 6 year has worked in financial services units on market development in different companies. manager He states that he is looking. In addition, this manager’s alternative payment providers (digital wallets, BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) and crypto money units as) at least 5 years must have experience.

Alternative payment systems and their mixed about its functioning and aiming to deliver financial services faster, better and with lower costs Fintech Stating that it is necessary to have a solid knowledge about their companies, the company personally found, mediated and used different terms of different companies. judge an administrator states that he is looking.

Apple job posting qualifications

In addition, partnerships need to be followed effectively from the formation to the development. Authority holder without The manager who will present himself must also have solid communication skills to impress the other. In addition, this manager, while doing his job very little what to do at any time and what to do in the face of uncertainties. should know.

The manager, who will create strategies and make analyzes on the opportunities he has in the market, should also have talents such as problem solving, solid analysis ability and teamwork. He also needs to be quite knowledgeable about Apple products and services, predictably. The last requirement is a bachelor’s degree. In addition to this, it is added that having a master’s degree in business management is a plus.


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As we said at the beginning, we have seen that different companies have made investments in the crypto money sector in the past, but what we know about Apple was just rumors. Let’s see how Apple will invest in the cryptocurrency industry with this job post.

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