José Mourinho Hits Fortnite


Famous coach José Mourinho threw the ball to the popular game of Epic Games in the Q&A video for AS Roma. Mourinho said the game did not put the players to sleep.

Although he has been changing addresses from that team to this team lately, he has drawn an image that is far from his old bright days. Jose Mourinho, is one of the names that are pointed out when it comes to coaching. The Portuguese coach is considered one of the living legends of the football world with his achievements, but his latest statements are a bit interesting.

The “As Roma” team, which he is currently coaching, prepared for social media.Quick Answers”, Mourinho, Epic Games’ survival game that ravaged an era. He hit Fortnite. The reason behind the criticism of 58-year-old Mourinho is Fortnite’s players. it was very busy.

“They don’t sleep all night”