JPMorgan, ‘Ethereum or Bitcoin?’ Answered His Question

JPMorgan, the world’s largest bank, asked investors, “Etherum or Bitcoin?” offered an answer to the question. JPMorgan explained that Ethereum may be a better choice than Bitcoin.

The world’s largest bank by market capitalization JPMorgan Chase, was able to share non-positive comments about the crypto money industry until recently. In particular, the CEO of the bank, Jamie Dimon, said that cryptocurrencies worthless react by expressing what you think is had collected. However, the bank continues to publish its ideas and assessments about the cryptocurrency industry.

JPMorgan, in its latest report, is a topic of discussion among crypto money investors.Bitcoin mi, Ethereum mu?‘ offered an idea that could answer the question. According to the report, Ethereum may be a better choice for investors than Bitcoin. While Ethereum gained more than 500% in 2021, the increase in Bitcoin is around 96%.

Ethereum’s technologies are trusted:


In addition, JPMorgan offered a different perspective on why Ethereum is more of an option. Bank, Benefits of the technology underlying Ethereum drew attention. Ethereum is already taking the lead in the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry today, as well as NFTs. JPMorgan also stated that Ethereum is more resistant to higher real returns than Bitcoin.


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Ethereum is in the focus of investors:

On the other hand, a survey by Investing in the UK showed that 52% of investors were planning to invest in Etherum. Jesse Cohen of Investing said that many people think that the price of ETH expects to double by 2022 expressed. On the other hand, he stated that Bitcoin does not seem to be slowing down, and that the rate of acceptance in the mainstream is likely to gain more momentum in the next year.

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