Kaseya: No ransom paid to hackers for master keys


The IT service provider Kaseya, recently hit by a hacker attack, has rejected speculation that it may have paid a ransom for the master key to unlock its customers’ computers. Kaseya emphasized on Tuesday night that no money had gone to the attackers either directly or through others.

In early July, a group of hackers encrypted computers at dozen of the company’s customers via a vulnerability in the Kaseya software. Last week, Kaseya announced that they had received a master key that could be used to unlock the blocked computers.

The hackers had previously demanded $ 70 million for such a decryption tool. Since Kaseya did not provide any information about the origin of his master key, there was also some speculation that the company could have bought it from the hackers.

The US company now emphasized, howeverthat the decision was made not to negotiate with the attackers. The origin of the master key remained unclear. However, Kaseya assured that 100 percent of the files encrypted during the attack could be saved.

Since many of the affected Kaseya customers are themselves IT service providers for others, the impact of the attack reached as far as Sweden, where the supermarket chain Coop was unable to open hundreds of stores due to malfunctioning checkout systems.


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