Kaufberatung: What good is a leaf blower with battery for 45 euros?


Leaf blowers help clear pathways from slippery foliage. Cheap models with battery are available from 45 euros. But what are they? We show what to look for when buying.

In order to liberate paths and gardens from leaves, it is classic to use rakes and brooms. This can be strenuous especially with longer distances or large gardens. But there are convenient alternatives that are not even expensive. We have tried a leaf blower including battery and power supply for less than 50 euros and betrayed, which brings a really favorable leaf blower. We also show who should take more money into their hands.

Leaf blowers basically replace the rake, they blow leaves together in piles. These piles must then be collected in buckets or leaf sacks and disposed of. Due to their design, they are also suitable for larger properties. Leaf blowers suck in leaves and collect them in a bag. Some models chop the leaves, which increases the capacity. They are more suitable for smaller plots of land, but for large trees, the leaf catcher bag often needs to be emptied. In addition, they are heavier than leaf blowers, eventually contribute sack and its content to the weight.

Gasoline leaf blowers are heavy, loud and stink. For that they offer a lot of power. Their wired alternatives are also powerful. In addition, they are emission-free, lighter and less noisy. This is annoying for the cable, which is usually ten meters long, but in some models only five meters. If there is no outlet nearby, you simply can not use it.

In recent years, more and more battery-powered leaf blowers are entering the market. They are quite cheap, comparable loud as wired alternatives, but tend to be less powerful. Their advantage is similar to the gasoline their high mobility. However, you do not simply pour petrol on them. If they empty after about 20 minutes, you have to recharge the batteries, which can take up to three hours.

Some batteries of the leaf blowers are compatible with other devices from the same manufacturer. For example, anyone who already owns a Makita battery-operated scissors can buy the battery-powered dustbin without a battery and power supply, since the energy-dispenser fits into both devices. This saves depending on the capacity of the battery and the power of the power supply up to 100 €.

We focus in this buying advice on leaf blowers with battery. Wired are impractical and gasoline-powered too loud and not exhaust-free.

In leaf blowers there are justified environmental concerns. They blow away insects that otherwise serve as food for hedgehogs and birds. In addition, swirled bacteria, mold and pollen can enter the respiratory tract. We recommend breathing mask, goggles and ear protection when handling.