Kevin Feige Talks About Scarlett Johansson’s Projects


Kevin Feige made statements about Black Widow, the last movie starring Scarlett Johansson. Feige also hinted that we might see this character again with a new collaboration in the future.

What we can call the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe”original 6The stories of ‘ are slowly coming to an end. Although many Marvel fans are upset about this, this is the situation we are familiar with from the comics. your new characters means we’ll see their stories and new enemies.

Recently also a member of the original 6 Black Widow’un solo movie will be released and it will feature Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow character last time It’s going to be a movie he’ll be playing Or at least it seems so for now.

Statement by Kevin Feige about Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow

Kevin Feige, the head of Marvel Studios, hinted that many joint projects could be made in the future. Black Widow movie premiere emotional moments When asked, Feige simply of the positive things talked about.

Kevin Feige said in a statement, “Marvel always to new beginnings focused and Scarlett Johansson was a great member of ours. He was the producer of the Black Widow movie. He’s the one who brought us our wonderful director, Cate Shortland. If we’re lucky, ahead with it, in every possible way I would like to work“From Feige’s statement, fans are speculating that there may be a possible comeback in the future or just like Loki, series can be takes out the possibilities.

New members join Marvel family with Black Widow movie

Yelena belova karakteri

Black Widow, new events to the Marvel universe and Florence Pugh’s portrayal Yelena belova Adding new characters such as Kevin Feige stated that he is very happy both for the character to join the Marvel cinematic universe and for Florence Pugh, who plays him, to join them. Feige,Yelena, our For long years A character we want to include in our movies. I’m pretty excited to finally see him in the movies. Also Florence Pugh an amazing player. Shortly after agreeing with him Nominated for Academy Awards” said.

In an interview with ComicBook, Johansson said, “Honestly I always think it’s better to leave the party while it’s going on and the Black Widow movie very suitable for this. The movie is very lively, impressive and powerful. Really from the movie I enjoyed it”, stating his thoughts on the movie. Johansson also said, “I am really happy with what I have done in this 10-year period and I’m happy. It’s always a little hard to say goodbye but If you love something you must set it free” said.

Although Johansson’s statement upset his fans, the fact that Feige left an open door also upset Marvel fans. enough to excite.


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Black Widow movie simultaneously with the whole world 9 July will take its place in cinemas in history.

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