KFC Introduces New Player Console KFConsole

The world of console may be meeting a brand new player: KFConsole. KFC, one of the largest fast food chains in the world, has released a video that introduces its first console from its Twitter account called KFC Gaming.

The new generation console of Sony, one of the most anticipated consoles of the game world in the past days PlayStation 5 was announced. But one day later, another surprise console presentation came from a surprise company: kfconsol to.

KFC Gaming’s official Twitter account shared a video on June 12, 2020. “The future of acting is here ” In the video shared by kfconsol to they introduced the design and some features of the game console that they named.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, as it knows, is one of the biggest “fast food” chains in the world. This move of the company, which is generally known for its campaigns, may be one of these campaign moves. The company, as its release date, November 12, But it is likely to be a spoof.

Sony recently launched its new console PlayStation 5, Microsoft, in the past months Xbox Series XHad introduced. It was announced that both consoles will be released during the holiday period of 2020. If KFC has developed a console as it really introduces, we will see 3 consoles instead of 2 in the same period.

kfconsol to

As we mentioned above, some features of the console that are not yet known whether or not parody are explained. There will be one Blu-ray disc drive in KFConsole. This device also true 4K and 120 FPS support will also be available. We will see if all this is true or not later.

The new generation game consoles of Sony (PS5) and Microsoft (X

Box Series X) will be presented to the users in November and December 2020 process called Holiday 2020 abroad. Probably, KFC has come up with a new concept KFConsole with the popularity of these two game consoles and guerrilla marketing.

According to the teaser video, the KFC-made game console will have a built-in chicken cooking chamber with cross-platform support. It also seems to have a Blu-ray disc player like the other two popular consoles on the market. At least that’s what’s in the video.

KFConsole promises 120 FPS and True 4K support
What’s even more interesting is that KFC promises 120 FPS and True 4K support on the first generation console. Whatever this new product will be released 5 months from now, we will learn a lot more.

As an IT Journal, we do not think that KFC will create a game console. This product called KFConsole can be a small oven or similar device in which ready chickens will be cooked. We think that the 120 FPS and True 4K support mentioned in the promotional video may also be a different cooking or preparation technique for chicken. Abbreviations may have a different extension by KFC.

Although KFC does not put a similar product next to the PS5 and X Box Series X, we are of the opinion that it is a device that can prepare beautiful products for the users who will spend long hours on these consoles. If KFConsole was a game console, information about the games developed so far had to be leaked. The sale of a game console is very difficult without game support.

What are you thinking? Do you think KFC really produced such a console? Can he compete with PlayStation and Xbox if he produced it? Or is this a purely entertainment sharing? You can share your ideas about the new console with us in the comments section.