Khazix CT in Lol, Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses


Kha’Zix, one of the dangerous creatures of the void zone in the League of Legends (LoL) universe, is coming to be the nightmare of the opponents wandering alone.

Assassin role in jungle corridor best adopter Kha’Zix, one of the characters, is also the one of the players wandering alone. crashing on it like a black bush not on it.

existence at an early stage although it does not reveal for a short time, especially against targets that roam alone with damage bonus definitely a character that makes you say I’m here in the game.

Characters that are strong against Kha'Zix

Kha’Zix CTs: Strong opponents against Kha’Zix

  • Gragas
  • Skarner
  • Rek’Sai
  • Sejuani
  • Rammus

Of course, Kha’Zix, the ‘Void Raider’ of LoL, whose dangerous aspects we talked about in the first episode, also has opponents that he is weak against. As with many assassins, Kha’Zix is ​​the one against tank characters. allergy in valid condition. Characters that can’t do their own damage Trouble for Kha’Zix, as trouble for many assassins.

All the abilities of Kha’Zix, who can create an Invisible Threat:

All of Kha'Zix's abilities

  • Passive / Invisible Threat: Marks nearby enemies who are separated from their teammates. Kha’Zix’s abilities elicit special interactions with separated targets. Kha’Zix creates an Invisible Threat when invisible to the opposing team; his first basic attack on an enemy champion deals bonus magic damage and slows his target for a few seconds.
  • Q / Feed Your Fears: Deals physical damage to the target. This damage is increased against targets separated from their teammates. If Kha’Zix chooses the Slashing Claw upgrade, he regains some of his cooldown against estranged targets. Kha’Zix also gains additional range on his basic attacks and Feed Your Fear.
  • W/ Void Spikes: Kha’Zix explodes, firing spikes that deal physical damage to enemies hit. Kha’Zix also heals if he’s within range of the explosion. If he chooses the Spike Array buff, Void Spikes shoot three spikes in a cone, slowing enemies hit and revealing enemy champions for 2 seconds. Enemies separated from their teammates are additionally slowed.
  • E / Çullan: Kha’Zix leaps into an area, dealing physical damage to the area he lands on. If he chooses to evolve wings, Chullan’s range is increased by 200 and his cooldown is reset whenever a champion kills or assists.
  • R / Void Attack: Each level allows Kha’Zix to evolve one of his abilities, granting that ability an additional special effect. When activated, Kha’Zix becomes invisible, triggering Invisible Threat and gaining a boost in movement speed. If Kha’Zix evolves Active Concealment, Void Strike’s stealth duration is increased and he gains an additional ability cast.

Void Raider Kha’Zix’s strengths and weaknesses:

Kha'Zix strengths and weaknesses

Powerful features of Kha’Zix:

  • Potential to directly destroy single targets
  • Developing very quickly
  • Ability to enter and exit battles quickly thanks to the invisibility of his ultimate ability

Kha’Zix’s truly existential opposing team reduce as much as possible. And this is their goal that wanders on their own. by hunting can do it quite well. Especially thanks to the invisibility coming from his ultimate ability, he can enter and exit battles.

Kha’Zix’s weaknesses:

  • Not very effective in team fights
  • Inability to perform fully at multiple targets
  • Very fragile and weak against crowd control, as with many assassins

Although Kha’Zix is ​​a clear target in teamfights like many other assassins, he is compared to other assassins. because he can’t use his passive ability in wars with more than one person an extra negative may face the situation.

How to play Kha’Zix in LoL? Gameplay tips:

Tips for playing Kha'Zix

  • When playing Kha’Zix, it’s important to use the special ability upgrades you get from your ultimate ability. It will be beneficial for you to develop different skills according to the game you play.
  • Hunting single wandering targets should be your ultimate goal. Especially the extra damage you hit on lone targets from your passive makes this even more important.
  • Making good use of the ultimate will help you win or survive a possible two against one battles

Kha’Zix’s ultimate goal is wandering alone. crashing to the top of the targets. If you make this your own ambition and reduce as many people as possible before team fights, you will have successfully fulfilled your role as an assassin. In addition, if you use your ultimate skill carefully, you can fight in battles with more than one person. may prevail or you can survive.

How to play against Kha’Zix, how to beat Kha’Zix?

How to play against Kha'Zix?

  • Kha’Zix’s ultimate goal is to destroy single targets. So make sure you move around with your team as much as possible.
  • Even the slightest minion will make it harder for Kha’Zix to cast his passive
  • It’s always useful to have crowd control on the team as Kha’Zix is ​​weak to crowd control like many assassins are.

The best way to play against Kha’Zix will disable your passive Play alongside minions or team. In any case, if you are caught alone, it will be better to go around with your team, as the result will be high probability of death. In addition, the biggest threat crowd control It will be useful for you to have a character with crowd control ability in the team, as it creates skills.