Kojima Announces Favorite Films in 2019


One of the first names that comes to mind when it comes to the gaming community is Hideo Kojima. The game designer Kojima, who is looking forward to each project, spoke in a different field this time and shared with his followers a list of his five favorite films released on Twitter this year.

2019 is a long-awaited game that meets expectations Death StrandingHas already proved to be a big year for Hideo Kojima. Besides his identity as a game designer, Kojima's interest in cinema is now well known. He and his team have probably watched many movies throughout the year, and Kojima has announced their top 5 via a Twitter account for their followers. We should also mention that the post hosting the rankings received very high interaction.

According to Kojima's list, his five favorite films in 2019 are Cold War, An Elephant Sitting Still, The Irishman, Border and Parasite. Although a few of these films were technically made in 2018, especially when you see a few foreign films on the list, they emphasize that the films are very important for him at every opportunity. Hideo KojimaIt is not difficult to interpret that he is an enthusiastic audience for dramatic cinema.

First place Parasite stands out

parasite film

Bong Joon-ho, the first in the director's seat, won the Grand Prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Parasite received. It is clear that this election is a very attractive proposal for those who have not yet followed. The second place was directed by Martin Scorsese, published on Netflix, with major players, while Ali Abbasi took the film Border. The Irishman Watching him. The last two films are An Elephant Still Sitting and Cold War, respectively.


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Not to mention Death Stranding for fans. Game latest PS4 received an update that includes larger text sizes, enhanced images of characters, and a variety of features tailored to fans' demands. The game, which has been praised by game critics since its release, won a total of three more awards last week.