Kojima Fans Don’t Want Kojima to Deal With Xbox


Upon the news that Hideo Kojima will sign with the Xbox brand, a group of Kojima fans started collecting signatures on for the cancellation of the agreement.

For years Kojima PlayStation of Kojima fans due to his closeness with most preferred consoles became PlayStations. But recently with Kojima’s company, Kojima Productions. Xbox rumors that there will be an agreement between we transferred.

from this deal dissatisfied Kojima fans urged the famous director to abandon this idea. started collecting signatures. Fans argue that the deal should definitely not be made.

Kojima fans are not happy with this partnership

Hideo Kojima

Some Kojima fans launched a signature campaign. The aim of the launched campaign is for Hideo Kojima to make an agreement with the Xbox brand. block and bringing Kojima back to the PlayStation front. Most users agree that Kojima games are not released for Xbox Series X and S consoles. and argues that there should be no possible xCloud deal emerging.

This campaign so far 200 people has signed. Some users opt out of the campaign. withdraws their signatures. Campaign, 1 million Even if it reaches signature, it doesn’t matter much since it has no official ruling. However, collecting 1 million signatures will allow Kojima fans to launch a game on the Xbox platform. will not support and the game of the Xbox brand satamayacağı can mean.

Kojima is not done with Sony

Death Stranding

Although Kojima seems to agree with Xbox, this situation indicates that Kojima is offended by the PlayStation brand or that you went away does not show. On the contrary, recently Kojima Death Stranding: Director’s Cut for PS5announced that it will be released. There is no information about this version yet. About this version in the future more information may occur.


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The only thing Kojima fans can do at this stage is that the new Kojima game Xbox’a özel Will have to wait for it to come out.