Kojima Productions Enters TV and Film Industry

Kojima Productions, which has signed under the Metal Gear Solid series and Death Stranding, announced that it will be thrown out of the game world in its newly shared announcement. The company will focus on the TV and film industry by opening a new headquarters in Los Angeles.

Founded in 2005 by Hideo Kojima, one of the names that marked the game world. Kojima Productionshas produced few but successful productions to date. Among these productions were the Metal Gear Solid series, PT, which did not debut, but scared even before it was released, and of course, Death Stranding, which is still the subject of discussion in the game world.

While there is no clear rumor about Kojima Productions’ next game yet, an exciting announcement came from the company today. Based in Japan, Kojima will go beyond video games in Los Angeles, USA, will explore the fields of entertainment such as film, TV and music announced that it will start a new business line.

Riley Russell, who has been at Sony for 28 years, was in charge:


The head of the new business to be launched in Los Angeles has also been announced: Approx. for 28 years He took part in various roles within Sony Interactive Entertainment. Riley Russell. In his statement on the subject, Russell said his new line of business is to be tasked with “working with creative and talented professionals in the fields of television, music and film.”

Russell further explained that his aims are to broaden the reach and awareness of Kojima Productions’ current products and to improve them. make it a part of popular culture stated that. Yoshiko Fukuda, the company’s business development manager, said in a statement that their new work will open up ways for their fans to connect and immerse themselves in these areas beyond video games.


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We expect to see the first fruits of the new business Kojima Productions will launch in Los Angeles soon, but when it comes to Kojima again, this ‘soon’ statement can turn into years. Let’s see if the company can prove itself in these areas as well as in the game world..

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