Konami Apologizes For eFootball 2022’s Graphics


Konami, the producer of eFootball 2022, which has caused a great disappointment to the players since its release, has finally made a statement. The company, which apologized for the graphics problems experienced by the players so far, announced that they will make improvements as soon as possible.

eFootball 2022, which was released in the past days, has been a great disappointment despite being eagerly awaited for more than 1 year. Some graphics-based problems in the game, eFootball 2022 the worst game of the year on Steam made it.

KONAMI, the producer of eFootbal 2022, which looks more like an alpha game rather than a finished game, apologized to the players in a statement made on Twitter. KONAMI acknowledges that they take the problems seriously and they will solve all the problems soon explained.

Facial expressions were the most criticized thing in the game.

efootball 2022

One of the most criticized aspects of eFootball 2022 was the graphics of the game. of football players serious eye-catching facial expressionsOn the one hand, it made the players laugh, on the other hand, created the perception of “have we waited this long?”

The following statements were included in the apology statement made by KONAMI; “Since we released the game, we have received dozens of feedback on passing speed and defense. We have also received many reports regarding cutscenes, facial expressions and player movements. We would like to express our deepest regrets for the problems experienced. We will do everything we can to fix it.”

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