Kuiper vs. Starlink: Amazon subsidiary complains about new Starlink satellites

In the complaint of the Amazon subsidiary Project Kuiper to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) it concerns the application of the competitor SpaceX for new Starlink Gen2 satellites. SpaceX had published two configurations in the application for the improved satellites. The second should only be available as an alternative if the FCC would reject the first configuration. Project Kuiper is now criticizing that by sending a second configuration, SpaceX violated the FCC rules. The letter of protest is not a lawsuit.

With Project Kuiper, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos wants to build his own satellite network for Internet supply and thus establish competition for the Starlink network of SpaceX boss Elon Musk. So far, however, Kuiper has not yet had a satellite in orbit, while SpaceX already has over 1700 in operation and provides over 90,000 customers with satellite-based Internet. The first Kuiper satellites are to be launched into orbit with an Atlas V rocket rather than the launch vehicle from Bezos’ own company Blue Origin.

Musk is already planning to expand its Starlink satellite network. The Gen2 satellites are significantly heavier and more powerful than the first models. Starlink is planning a total of 30,000 satellites in order to provide the closest possible network. In order to be supplied with Internet from a Starlink satellite, it must be in view of the customer. Bezos is here with the Kuiper project (named after the Kuiperg├╝rtel) at the beginning.


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