Lamborghini owner sells his vehicle he bought back many times


A car dealer in Canada has once again put on sale the custom-made Lamborghini, which has been bought over and over, over and over again. It is not known whether the vehicle will return to its original owner this time.

Lamborghini There are many rare models in the long sports car history. One of these models is Countach 25th Anniversary Edition called the 1990s special vehicle. As the name suggests, Lamborghini’s For the 25th year This specially designed car adorns all sports car lovers' dreams for a while, but in the shade became a model.

If this is one of the cars, it's quite to an interesting story owner. John scottiHe was working as a Lamborghini dealer in Montreal, Canada. Scotti, Countach’s With the launch, it had ordered 5 of this vehicle and offered it to the attention of its customers. Things developed after that.

He sold the same car three times:

lamborghini countach

Unfortunately the tools Canada When it arrived, the wave of excitement created by the cars was left behind. The sale of the vehicles was very slow and the vehicles waited in Scotti's garage for a long time. Somehow cars four of The man who managed to sell it, kept his fifth and last car to himself. Scotti, the last remaining black Countach ’He gave up selling it and put it in his own garage.

Scotti has been two times He was purchased. One who is persuaded to sell the vehicle to a very close acquaintance Scottia few years later his car remained almost unused. Later, the man who made a similar sale also sold the car after this sale. once again had to buy.

In just 140 kilometers:

lamborghini countach

Scotti now 449 hp sells the vehicle once again. Even the gelatine coatings on the seats stay in place, the vehicle only 140 kilometers He has come a long way. If you are thinking about buying, you probably won't have a problem selling second hand because John Scotti is still trading Lamborghini. The only problem is that for this you need to go to Canada.


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V12 to engine These Lamborghini models were produced in limited numbers. For the model that has been in galleries and exclusive car enthusiasts for 30 years, the number you need to review is $ 799,900 (tax-free 5.409.880 TL); that is, the label price of the vehicle 30 years ago two and a half times.

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