Land for Sale in Muğla Exploded


The number of land advertisements for sale in Muğla, which is one of the places badly affected by the fires that have surrounded our country, has greatly increased. According to the allegations, some of the advertisements published included the phrase ‘to be built’. It is said that has removed these ads.

While the fight against the fires that surrounded the country continues at the last gas, one of the severe points of the fire, Selling lands in Muğla drew attention. While the debate on whether these places will be opened for construction or not, is on the agenda, the increase in the number of advertisements has aroused repercussions on social media.

It is one of the leading trade sites in Muğla, where the fire was effective. from owner to There was an explosion of land for sale ads uploaded. On the site where pages of advertisements spread in a short time 292 ads only today It was published.

The claim that the lands will be opened for development:

Mugla Milas

In the advertisements of some of the lands offered for sale,will be built‘ is said to be included. Although there are currently no advertisements that include this statement, This post has been removed by is alleged.

An advertisement that is on the air includes a topic that has been discussed recently:

from the owner

The advertisement, which you can see in the photo, attracted attention both for its publication date and because it included a statement that has been the subject of great controversy recently. In the description section Tourism incentive law The announcement, on which the emphasis is placed, is the “whether the burned areas will be opened to zoning“It made the topic come alive even more.

One of the advertisers made a statement:

The owner of one of the ads in question is a real estate agent. Erdal Bozkurtdoes not have a purpose as thought in social media, The ad is 2 years old., that the owner renews the advertisements at regular intervals and that the renewal date that it coincides He apologized for the misunderstanding.

‘later removed’Tourism will be developed‘ when asked about the title, he said:Oh yes it was the old title, actually, it’s already in the tourism area, we fixed the title after my son said the reactions on social media, it was a bad coincidence that it coincided with today.

Statements of the authorities about the claims that the lands will be opened for development:

Officials' statements

Marmaris Mayor Mehmet Oktay, who made a statement during the extinguishing works in the days when the fires first started, no need to worry about zoning and announced that no construction will be allowed in the burning forest areas. “We will join hands with the institutions and start a campaign for the burned area to rise from the ashes again. We will propose to create a memory forest on behalf of Görkem Hasdemir” Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli, who made similar statements after Oktay, said, According to article 169 of the constitution stating that forest areas cannot be developed for development, “If a tourism-related facility is to be built, there is no need to burn forests.” he had used. Minister of Culture and TourismIt is not possible to open burned forest lands for construction.He made statements to sprinkle water on the hearts of the citizens with his statements.


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