Last minute tips to help boost sales

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The days of the year with the highest sales, such as Black Friday 2021 and Cyber ​​Monday, are approaching. These last minute tips can help traders boost their year-end business.

With Black Friday 2021, Cyber ​​Monday and the pre-Christmas period, retailers can expect the busiest time of the year. The last thing traders want now is to go unnoticed. With 2.7 billion active users, Facebook is the largest social media network in the world. With the “Facebook Shops” function introduced in 2020, brands can create their own digital shop window there and offer potential customers personalized content.

Good to know: Setting up your own Facebook shop can be user-oriented, intuitive and quick. In addition, the layout can be designed according to your own corporate design. One of the greatest advantages of Facebook shops is to generate a uniform shop presence beyond Facebook and to increase awareness on the Instagram platform as well. Brands can thus reach potential customers across channels.

Real-time ads with Dynamic Showcase Ads on TikTok

TikTok announced at the end of September Dynamic Showcase Ads (DSAs) that advertisers can use to create personalized TikTok ads in real time based on product catalogs. This template is filled with product information from a regularly updated product catalog. Providers like Channable make it possible Product feeds for the DSAs set up, optimize and integrate them directly into the TikTok Ads platform. Dynamic Showcase Ads offer the following advantages:

  • Promotion of a wide range of products to a large extent, as the ads are based on templates that can be filled with products
  • Creation of highly personalized content through real-time optimization
  • Cross-device addressing from customers (from desktop to mobile)

Black Friday 2021: Last Minute Tips for Google Ads

Google Ads can be used to set up shopping ads at short notice, which will contribute to a successful sale on Black Friday 2021. At a joint webinar by Channable and Google for the upcoming holiday season, experts will share last minute tips that can be implemented with Google. Important take-aways are the setting of a high ROAS and the highest conversion value when creating ads. In order not to lose visibility, companies have to reckon with 30 percent more advertising expenditure than usual over the holidays.

With Smart Shopping Campaigns Google can make performance over the holidays and new customer acquisition easier than ever. The campaigns are optimized by machine learning in such a way that they achieve the highest conversion value. The prerequisite for the successful use of Smart Shopping Campaigns is a high-quality product feed that is entered in the Google Merchant Center.

Black Friday 2021: Successful with last minute initiatives

Of course, the “early bird catches the worm” approach applies. Companies should prepare as early as possible for sales events like Black Friday 2021 and the busiest time of year. However, last-minute tips are helpful in order to further optimize and supplement your own campaign with clever measures. These tips are also helpful for smaller companies so that they can use the time before Christmas to themselves.

The all-in-one tool from Channable offers online retailers and online marketing agencies direct integrations to various marketplaces. Other functions include feed generation, order synchronization, creation of paid ads and Google Analytics integration. The self-service tool is a middleware for dealers and marketers. It can be used to simplify and accelerate the process of using various online markets. (sg)

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