Latest Situation in Forest Fires Announced


With a map it shared, the Directorate of Communications revealed how many of the forest fires that emerged in the last week were extinguished and how many continue, together with their locations.

The Republic of Turkey Directorate of Communications shared the latest situation in forest fires, which has become the number one agenda item in the country for the past week. According to the statements made 28 July-05 August 2021 174 of the 189 forest fires reported in the media between

Again by the Directorate of Communications shared map When we examine it, we see that the fires, especially in the inner regions, north and northwest of Anatolia, are under control. ongoing 15 fires On the other hand, it generally continues to exist on the south-west coast of the country.

The map showing the location and continuation of forest fires that have occurred since July 28 is as follows:

state of fires

*The map you see above shows the status of forest fires that took place between 28 July and 05 August 2021 as of 12:00 on 5 August 2021.