League of Legends Top 10 Support Champions


What are the most successful champions in the support role of League of Legends, whose value is never fully known, but one of its most important roles? We have listed the support champions for you in the last game of the game, with the potential to drive the most and drive mad players.

League of Legends is a game played with teams of 5. Perhaps the least preferred champions in the game where each player controls the champion with a different mission. support Champions. “SupportThese champions, which are described as “, go to the same corridor as the ADC (Marksman) champion and start a war by preventing the fragile structure of this champion.

Considered one of the most competitive games in the world League of Legendsoffers a great variety of players in terms of demonstrating their abilities. Today, we will introduce you to the champions of support, which are most preferred by professional and high-ranking players in the last meta of the game. These champions won the ELO raise may be the choice of champions who want.

Top 10 Support champions of League of Legends

  • Pyke
  • Bard
  • Sorak to
  • Blitzcrank
  • Lulu
  • Leone
  • Nami
  • Yuuki my
  • Thresher
  • Senna


Playing with a support champion, whose secondary role is an assassin, also allows you to have one of the most aggressive support champions you can get in the game. 49.3 percent win rate The prohibition rate of Pyke, who owns it, is 1.66 percent. This character, which strengthens your hand in many games, is an aggressive ADC Coupled with, it can be very hurtful from the early stages of the game.


Bard, many support According to his player, he is an inadequate champion in LOL’s current commodity. In ranked matches to the 52.1 percent winning rate Despite having many champions, the championship, especially when taken corridor At the stage, it can put opponents in a difficult situation.

Sorak to

League of LegendsSoraka comes first when we look at the champions with improvement feature. This champion, which is based on improving skills in general, manages to keep its ADC in the corridor by continuously improving its ADC and although attacks from the other side come lower aisle it can prevent it from being empty. In addition, his ultimate, which heals all his teammates, gives a great advantage in team battles later in the game.


A nightmare with a successful player BlitzcrankEspecially with Q, he can present his opponent champion on a copper tray. When all of these are dealt with high damage, which is applied according to a support champion, we are one of the indispensable champions of the games.


Lulu is always the character of choice for support champions, with a ban rate of just 0.52 percent. To the 52.1 percent win rate This champion can be very functional especially in the corridor stage. In addition, with his ultimate performance by turning one of his teammates into a giant, Lulu is a support champion that can be preferred in ranked matches.


One of my personal favorite support champions Leoneappears as an important character in every stage of the match. With a solid item layout Leona who can declare immortalityis also an expert in starting a war.


Nami is the most popular support champion in the recent period. Winning 53.83 percent and the champion with a 0.34 percent ban rate, can benefit ADC by lifting the opponents out of the healing feature. Nami can play an important role in team battles with his ultimate.

Yuuki my

The most remarkable of the last period support champions Yuumi, who is jumping on his ADC, makes him stronger and can continue to use his own talents. This support champion, which can start solid team battles with its ultimate, is loved by some players, but has won the hatred of some players.


Regardless of the game’s meta status, Thresh has always been among the indispensable players in support champions. With 12.6 percent playing time The winner rate of Thresh, which is the most supported support champion in games, is just over 50 percent. Thresher; by pulling, throwing and slowing players nightmare moments against the opposing team It can be lived.


In League of Legends most banned The champion of support, Senna is also the percentage To the winning rate of 53.01 owner. The champion, which has a ban rate of 4.26 percent, can be extremely aggressive while supporting the player next to it. Equipped with plenty of damage items, this champion increases the allies’ properties while dealing damage to enemies.

We came to the end of our list here. So what is your favorite support champion in League of Legends? Do you also want this list to come to other roles? You can share your thoughts and suggestions with us in the comments section.