Learn Guitar Online | GuitarTricks.com Review 2020

Whether you are young or old; There are few things as enjoyable as learning to play a new instrument. Many music lovers return empty-handed for reasons such as taking their enthusiasm after a few months or because the lessons are too difficult. However, learning the guitar is not as complicated and long as it seems. “How to play the guitar?” With our guide, it is possible for you to unlock the guitar in a short time. Let’s start with the basics.

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Misconceptions About How to Play  Guitar

There are many misconceptions and prejudices about how to play the guitar. We’ve all heard the most common excuses before, especially when it comes to learning how to play the guitar:

  • I’m too old to learn to play the guitar!
  • I don’t have time to go to the guitar course.
  • Even if I start the course, there will be things that will prevent me from going.
  • I can’t play guitar because I’m left-handed.

However, before starting to count these excuses, it is useful to know them about playing the guitar:

Your age does not prevent you from playing the guitar. As long as you improve your muscle memory and get visual support, you can learn to play the guitar regardless of your age.
You can create your own time to learn to play the guitar. Taking guitar lessons isn’t the only way to learn how to play the guitar. With the free guides you can find on the internet, you can learn guitar basics whenever you want, as you wish, and determine your own schedule to learn how to play guitar regardless of time and place.
How to Play the Guitar

Learning the guitar also has numerous advantages. When you learn to play the guitar, you not only learn to play an instrument, but also develop yourself socially, physically and mentally throughout the learning process.
No matter how talented you are, you’ll need a guide to learning guitar. Your talent will of course give you a competitive advantage; However, to be able to read notes and learn chords, you have to have a professional education, even basic.

Before You Buy A Guitar…

Before you know how to play the guitar, you need to have a guitar, right? When purchasing a guitar, you have to pay attention to the main features of the guitar and make a choice considering your personal preferences. Here are some of those features:

Style (Acoustic or electro)
Your age and physical characteristics (Your height, weight, whether you are right-handed or left-handed)
State of the guitar
Where did you buy the guitar
Where to buy a good guitar? If you are a beginner guitar student, it is best to avoid a second hand and used guitar. Since you have not bought a guitar before, it is likely that you cannot recognize a damaged or old guitar at first glance. It is a fact that the most affordable guitar prices are on online shopping sites.

When it comes to electric or acoustic, although this is entirely up to personal preference, it is possible to say that learning to play the acoustic guitar will be more efficient for a beginner. Classical guitars have a wider neck; This is a feature that can be difficult for guitar students, especially when learning guitar chords. Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, have a much simpler structure, and they do not need any extra equipment to play.

Learn Easy Guitar Chords & Songs

In order to play your favorite song on your newly bought shiny guitar, you first need to learn guitar chords, because the most basic principle of playing guitar is to be able to position these chords by heart. Of course, the number of chords on the guitar is not limited to the ones listed below, but for a beginner, these will be enough at the first stage.

Easy Guitar Chords
Gitar Nasıl ÇalınırD Chord
Place your index finger on the third string on the second fret, your middle finger on the first string on the second fret, and your ring finger on the second string on the third fret. Keep the fourth strand open. Strum the four remaining strings. Hello, D chord!




Gitar Nasıl ÇalınırC Chord
Place your index finger on the second string of the first fret, your middle finger on the fourth string of the second fret, and your ring finger on the fifth string of the third fret. Keep the first and second wires exposed. Strum the bottom five strings. This is the sound of the C chord.




Gitar Nasıl ÇalınırG Chord
Place your middle finger on the fifth string of the second fret, your ring finger on the sixth string of the third fret, and your little finger on the first string of the third fret. Let the second, third and fourth wires remain open. And now it’s time to strum.




Gitar Nasıl ÇalınırE Minor Chord
Place your middle finger on the fifth string of the second fret, and your ring finger on the fourth string of the second fret. When you do this, the first, second, third and sixth strands should be exposed. Here is the E minor chord, one of the hardest chords!




Gitar Nasıl ÇalınırA Minor Chord
Place your ring finger on the third string of the second fret, your middle finger on the fourth string of the second fret, and your index finger on the second string of the first fret. Introducing the enchanting voice of A minor.




Tips for Playing the Guitar

In order for your hand strumming the strings to recognize the strings and effectively play the strings, you need at least 10 hours of non-stop practice. The first hours of playing the guitar will sound full, scratchy and tasteless; this is quite normal. As you practice, your fingers and wrists will get used to the structure of the guitar and you will have a chance to control the sounds produced by the guitar more.
In order for the strings to make the sound you want, you will need to apply considerable pressure to them with your fingers. The biggest challenge for a beginner guitar enthusiast is to mute the strings by unwittingly applying the wrong force.
Some chords may sound like they’re designed to break your wrists in the first place. However, after a few months of practice, these chords will feel very natural and effortless.
Especially in the first few weeks after you start playing the guitar, pain may occur in your fingers and ankles; this is also quite normal.

Check out our list of easiest songs to play with guitar as a beginner

Learn How To Play Guitar Online

Well, if you don’t find any guitar teacher or course and  you need to learn how to plat guitar online GuitarTricks.com is a great place to start to learn guitar.

GuitarTricks.com is undoubtedly among the simplest learning sites on the market.

In a couple of minutes, then you can begin your very first guitar lesson, directly from your cozy room, with  a computer or phone or tablet.

Get your guitar, sign up for free  with your own email, and see your very first lesson. It is literally that easy.

The website GuitarTricks.com provides video guitar lessons to get its rather inexpensive price tag of 10 bucks for a month, and it is actually not much thinking that a personal guitar instructor costs roughly $50-$100 per hour from the summertime. In reality, it truly is safe to state GuitarTricks is far much better than a private trainer.

They’ve more than 11,000 video guitar courses covering only about all sorts of songs, and at each difficulty level. Imagine what it might cost you to get That Lots of classes from a private guitar instructor

GuitarTricks.com is among the simplest learning platforms on the market for the Core Learning System.

It is essentially a run of step-by-step video courses which build on each other.

If you are a real estate beginner, you begin at Guitar Basics 1, and then work your way up. If you are a little more sophisticated, then maybe you may jump directly into Blues, Country or Rock Level 1.

The classes build on each other. It is about development from one to another. That is exactly what works, and that which distinguishes it from another learning sites on the market.

I have really noticed that a number of the other apps are all beginning to utilize this strategy now too.

The very best thing about the Core Learning System is the fact that it is really user friendly.

Just how Many Song Lessons Can They Provide?
All tunes provide at GuitarTricks.com

Song classes are added weekly.

In the time of writing this you will find over 700 tune classes.

All these are officially accredited song classes that many apps do not have access to.

The classes are supplied in a really simple step-by-step arrangement. There is generally an introduction, along with a wonderful table of contents that covers the vital chords, alterations and so forth. There is typically a play together track too.

If you would like to learn tunes, you are going to be impressed. They’ve a massive part of simple guitar tunes for novices.
This is your GuitarTricks.com 30 days for free

It is really a full time rookie guitar training program, which may take a newcomer to an early intermediate phase.

Everybody begins on the extremely left Guitar Basics 1, also proceeds to Basics 2. These two mini-courses instruct the basics everyone should know.
As soon as you’ve mastered the Basic lesson collections, you may carry on studying the particulars of blues, country, rock or acoustic. Or most of them should you want
Each of the movie classes have supplementary tabs on download and a few have jam tracks to practice together with.
GuitarTricks.com for seasoned guitarists
In case you have been enjoying a couple of years and therefore are beyond the fundamentals, you will have the ability to improve your expertise and skills using a onslaught of course, covering everything from tone, and distinct genres, etc..

If you are an innovative guitarist and need to carry things to another level, you will really enjoy the”Artist Studies” part of GuitarTricks.com. This is an important portion of the website focused on studying and mastering the way the most well-known guitarists played, as well as what that they do to have the ability to produce their music sound the way they did.

This really is an excellent component we discovered in the duration of our evaluation of GuitarTricks.com, on account of the simple fact that more innovative guitar students could have years worth of movies.

From the Artist Studies segment, you’ll discover the guitar tricks and trademark styles of renowned guitarists for example:

Designs coated at GuitarTricks.com
Apart from the blues, country, rock newcomer classes from the Core Learning System,” GuitarTricks has tens of thousands of movies covering different genres too. Here’s a listing of the particular genres you will have the ability to discover on their website.

Know that some songs have a lot of classes, and some just a couple. By way of instance, world and surf have hardly any classes, while the larger categories have countless each.

Song classes gazillion
Unquestionably the best aspect of playing guitar would be having the ability to play music that you like. GuitarTricks includes a massive catalogue of tune classes, more than 1500 songs right now, which can be twice as numerous as the nearest contest. We’ve got many tune tutorials also, although not this much.

Online guitar programs
GuitarTricks.com includes a couple of online tools too:

On line guitar tuner : This really is a mention tuner, therefore it does not pick up the noise of your guitar.
Interactive chord and scale finders: that are helpful and seem fine.
Metronome: that is always helpful.
Jam channel: that is a massive group of jam paths.
Chord library: This useful tool may be retrieved at no cost.
Aside from the Jam channel, all of the tools may be downloaded on your PC. Listed below are a Couple of pictures of the Internet programs:

These instruments may be of fantastic help when studying guitar, but I tend to use the resources built in the Guitar Pro applications rather than any internet tool.

Our view after reviewing GuitarTricks.com
GuitarTricks.com is unquestionably a high quality website, which includes courses for all levels of players. The quantity of courses they have in their website is gigantic, plus they include more frequently.

That which we liked about GuitarTricks.com:
Great search and website architecture, so you could easily navigate the 1000s of educational videos.
Videos are downloadable (except that the tune classes ), that we didn’t find while viewing any additional guitar learning website.
Cheap pricing in contrast to the number of lessons on the website. Finding this many courses out of a personal guitar instructor would cost a lot of money, however only $15 per month in GuitarTricks.
Videos possess a 3-angle perspective shot HD cameras, which means that you always see what is happening in high resolution.
60 day money-back guarantee, so in the event that you register but alter your own mind/don’t need time/break your guitar., it is possible to simply request a refund.
But there are a couple of negative things we discovered at GuitarTricks throughout our review
Considering GuitarTricks has been the very first video guitar education site on the internet, roughly 2 percent of those movie clips are older, hence of low quality. They’re working on replacing the old videos, however, so that they will not be there for very long.

GuitarTricks.com is very popular with novice guitar players today, take a look at what other men and women are saying regarding the website.

If you’re thinking about registering for GuitarTricks.com, be sure to take a peek at the GuitarTricks.com discount, along with also their free trial offer too.


If you want to see the guitar lessons from GuitarTricks.com here are some of the lessons they have: