Leave for Public Employees Due to Snowfall in Istanbul


The snowfall, which negatively affected life all over Turkey, paralyzed life in Istanbul, the country’s most populous city. Regarding the ongoing snowfall, Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya announced that administrative leave was given to public employees.

Since the last days of last week, cold air waves have been effective all over our country and snowfall has been effective. Access roads to many villages all over Anatolia were closed, citizens caught in a snowstorm on the way in Gaziantep stayed on the road for hours, and schools were vacationed.

The snowfall that continues all over the country has finally hit Istanbul in the past few days. Turkey’s most populous city welcomed the first day of the week with a big snowstorm. Vehicle entrances to Istanbul were closed, and vehicle queues formed on the TEM highway for kilometers. While all these developments were taking place, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu made some statements about this troublesome process. Now, an important statement concerning the people of Istanbul came from Governor Ali Yerlikaya.

Administrative leave granted to public employees

snowfall in istanbul

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya made a statement on his Twitter account. ‘Due to bad weather conditions; Provided that our institutions carry out mandatory services and have a minimum level of personnel; public servants, workers and other personnel in addition to security, health and transportation services They will be considered on full-time administrative leave on Tuesday, January 25, 2022. used the phrases.

Before the statement, they left the vehicles on the road because they could not move forward with their vehicles on the TEM highway and side roads. citizens trying to reach their homes on foot. The images caught my attention. A statement came from the Metropolitan Municipality to direct the use of metro in the city, where transportation was negatively affected.

‘A winter night that has not been seen for 35-40 years’

snowfall in istanbul

Governor Yerlikaya stated that the work continues especially for the citizens on the road; He stated that the teams will place the citizens stranded on the road in guesthouses. Yerlikaya, “We have taken important measures, but now we are on our roads. I want to talk about the problem at 5 points. 4 points on TEM, 4 points on the Northern Marmara highway. There are citizens who are stuck between the Northern Marmara Highway between Odayeri-Yassıören and the airport connection. We have citizens trapped in Hadımköy Avcılar on TEM. We have citizens stuck in Ikitelli Mahmutbey. We have citizens stuck in Selimpaşa – Kumburgaz direction. We have citizens stuck in Hadimköy‘ he said.

Emphasizing that the snow thickness reaches 80 – 90 cm in some regions, Yerlikaya said that they are struggling with a winter night that has not been seen for 35-40 years. Stating that the security forces are on the alert regarding the vehicles remaining on the roads, Yerlikaya said, “In this case, we continue the rescue work of those vehicles. On the one hand, there are those who are family, have small children, and are older than us. In order not to put them in a difficult situation, we would like to host them tonight in our district municipalities, hotels, guesthouses. The vehicles will remain, they are our trust. All our security forces are on alert. We will deliver those vehicles to their owners when we open them safely.‘ he said.

Yerlikaya added that they want no one to stay in the vehicles.

Snowfall showed its effect in Antalya, İzmir – Bursa road surrendered to land

Antalya with snow


Turkey Surrendered to the Coldest and Snowy Winter of Recent Years: Here are the Reflections of Snowfall on Social Media

While the ongoing snowfall in Istanbul is on the agenda, from all over Turkey The news keeps coming. While the snowfall, which was effective in the high areas at the beginning, decreased to sea level in Antalya, heavy snowfall started on the İzmir-Bursa road. In Muğla, the snowfall, which was effective in the high parts, interrupted the transportation.