Legend Games: Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

The Resident Evil series, which we talked to with the last game Village, has a game that was released 22 years ago and renewed in 2020: Nemesis. So what makes this game special despite the past years? Let’s explain.

Sony PlayStation’da One of the most legendary productions to play is undoubtedly Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This topic is not open to discussion. Capcomis one of the best series ever made by and embraces the horror-puzzle culture of people. Resident Evil in the series NemesisThe location is quite different.

RE3: Nemesis is one of the most important productions in building the zombie culture today. It would be quite wrong to consider this game only as a story. It may have started an era in game music. You can think of RE and RE2 as the base and opening game in this series, as now the bomb explodes in RE: 3 Nemesis.

Desperate escape with Jill Valentine

The biological virus produced by Sir Umbrella Corporation suddenly In Raccoon City Shouldn’t it spread and awaken the dead? “Abooovvv”. S.T.A.R.S Is our Jill (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) member staying in the middle of this environment? Matters issues. Sir is starting the game, the environment is chaos, you can’t believe chaos. Zombies coming over us. Things have gotten into each other. Birde Umbrella Corp. Biological weapon Nemesis‘he missed out. S.T.A.R.S Nemesis, which was released to hunt its members, goes to great lengths in the city. Normally, the purpose of Nemesis’s creation is to eliminate the STARS members who see Umbrella’s illegal work, but love to those who can keep Nemesis after that hour.

The main event in the game is; Umbrella Corp’un characterlessness and our Jillescape. In fact, everyone is a victim at this point. Victim in Jill, the people of Raccoon City are victims, Nemesis even victims. Strangely, they took straight people and made the man Nemesis. However, as follows; The viruses developed by big companies can become one that will affect all humanity. see: coronavirus. Note that this virus has also brought thousands of speculation with it.


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Recipe, raw material and weapon issues

Survival The games today are largely based on Resident Evil 3: Nemesis as their inspiration. In this game you will load your own gun bullets, you have to make your own heal mixes. Now as to whether a system will work A / B tests you create. This is also a very demanding job. RE3: Nemesis made many A / B tests for gaming companies.

Now we are constantly for RE3 horror and puzzle but this game is actually heavy survival Includes items as well. Do not be surprised that there was such a category in the game world at that time. You don’t know how many problems you have to “look for flowers” side by side when your life bar is low. However, finding gun bullets is one of the biggest problems in the game. Some zombies you definitely cannot download without a gun.

The game is difficult even in easy mode


RE3: Nemesis It is a really difficult game even in easy mode. To put it this way, this game PlayStation’da This game is difficult, whether you play it on PC or play it on PC. Now we wrote above, so find items, create life items, search for bullets, etc. These are already a huge problem in themselves.

But what makes this game the hardest zombie attacks. You enter a place, you can do research in a spacious way, a zombie comes out, you blow up in your head. Oh what’s that? Zombies all over the place. Okay, the design and content of the game is very nice, but my brother, are we stuck on the tables? Is there something stuck behind the exit door but we are not dead? I don’t know if we got caught in a zombie or not? Hard… It is not an easy game, it also wants a solid body. Let’s awaken the game.

The atmosphere and music of the game are legendary for that period.

Actually, this issue is also RE3 quite a complicated situation for. So to put it this way, the atmosphere of the game is still a legend today. Such a good atmosphere is the last Silent Hill’da could be caught. Fear and chaos are literally embedded in the game. It could only fit this dark game.

The game never stops, there is continuity. The moment you ask me to rest, the environment instantly gets mixed up. The music is already Masami Ueda and Saori Maeda made by. You clearly understand how the orchestra can create an atmosphere in a horror game. There is art at every point of the game. Looking at it like this now, we realize that RE3 is really a carefully prepared and elaborated game.

To inspire or not to be inspired by today’s zombie movies and series

Nemesis 2

Imagine that you prepared a game in the universe and a concept that was never done in 2021. This game has become so popular that it is so popular that it is available on almost every computer or console. Your player age group is also 15-25 years old between. This is average to people 10 to 15 years You can present incredible TV series and movies in the concept of your universe.

This has been the effect of RE3. There were zombie productions and movies before, but the zombie mechanics sited here formed the today’s world. The Walking Dead’i Since the day it was first released, most of the audience that has watched it has definitely played one or two games from the RE series. Capcom unintentionally created a huge market at this point. At the same time, it paved the way for such productions to a great extent. If it was not RE3 for example Left4Dead Do you think it would be okay?

What made Resident Evil 3: Nemesis a legend?

Nemesis 3

  • Horror and story integrity
  • Soundtracks
  • Gameplay mechanics
  • Atmosphere
  • Be inspirational

All these elements made Resident Evil 3 legendary. As a matter of fact, the remake of the game actually shows us this exactly. The major inspiration for today’s games and TV shows is RE3: Nemesis. If you would say now “Well bro, there are 1,2,4. ” Yes, but Resident Evil 3: Nemesis took a big step in the zombie category and opened the doors of this world. And Capcom would probably have ended the series had RE3 not sold that much.7

Many people playing RE3 police station and helicopter For example, he can never forget his scenes. Ask yourself this all the time; “What scenes can I never forget in the games I played? “ This will give you many ideas. Making games like a TV series is a very difficult task, and if you are doing this with zombies, you may have a big problem altogether. Please share with us in the comments which legendary game you want to see next week.