LG Velvet in the test: restart in style


LG’s new top smartphone Velvet is a mid-range model that primarily wants to score points in terms of design and quality. Is that enough to keep up with the competition?

It had been announced for a long time: LG smartphones are not selling that successfully in Europe, a change is needed. It’s coming now. Instead of the G series, the LG G8X (test report) and G8S (test report) are now followed by the Velvet, and the Korean manufacturer seems to want to go the same way that HTC previously failed: The new top model is a mid-range smartphone. After all, LG adjusts the price accordingly, the smartphone costs 599 euros in the manufacturer’s RRP. Does this approach work better than the Taiwanese competitor?

It is chic, the LG Velvet. With its display edges curved around the edge, the chic metal frame and the elegant glass back, it looks like a luxury class at first glance. And that’s how it feels. Of course, the touch of the device has nothing to do with the velvet that gives it its name, but it appears almost as smooth, round and flowing. Because transitions from the front to the frame or from the frame to the back are barely noticeable, LG does that even better than Samsung with its much more expensive flagship model Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (test report). LG calls the 3D arc design and luckily the manufacturer doesn’t forget a minimum level of resistance thanks to the chic exterior: The smartphone is made of Gorilla Glass 5 and is certified according to IP68 and parts of the military specifications MIL-STD-810G.

On the largely unadorned rear, three camera lenses and an LED flash draw the eye. Only the largest lens, placed above, protrudes from the housing, the other two and the flash are placed in a line below and are smaller. It is reminiscent of falling drops – chic. Despite such design refinements, the LG Velvet cannot hide the fact that it was apparently designed with a tight financial budget. In contrast to the first, very good impression, a closer look reveals weak points. The comparatively wide display edges, which can even be seen on the strongly rounded longitudinal edges, and the simple teardrop notch don’t really match the otherwise elegant appearance. A punchhole notch would have been mandatory here, as well as narrower edges. As on some press photos. Because especially on the side of the manufacturer’s advertising pictures there is no edge to be seen – a rogue who thinks evil …